Acumatica BigCommerce Quick Start For Customers - AcuTech Partners

For a limited time, we are offering the Acumatica community a Quick Start program for the Acumatica Commerce Edition.

Quick Start Program Overview

We are here to help the Acumatica Community implement the Acumatica Commerce Edition with BigCommerce. AcuTech Partners is a Certified BigCommerce partner and Commerce Certified Acumatica partner. As a special program to other Acumatica users, we are offering to help you sell your products online with the Acumatica Commerce Edition and BigCommerce. Get your eCommerce website implemented quickly with one flat fee!

$12,500.00 Flat Fee

• Includes Acumatica Commerce Edition Integration Setup
• Includes BigCommerce Store Setup
• Includes Implementation of customer purchased BigCommerce Theme
• Includes BigCommerce Product Creation, Categories, Basic SEO, Product Filtering
• Includes BigCommerce Payment Gateway Setup and Credit Card Processing
• Includes BigCommerce Settings, BigCommerce User Accounts, Checkout Settings
• Includes BigCommerce Basic Shipping Method Setup (FedEx, UPS, USPS)
• Guidance on Manual Tax Setup or Automatic Tax Service Setup
• Social Media Install

BigCommerce Certified