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The software and technology industry has exploded with new ways to bring high tech solutions to market. Be ready for growth with Acumatica Cloud ERP.

A Modern ERP Business Solution for Software and Technology

Ongoing disruptive challenges

Globalization, virtualization, SaaS, miniaturization of hardware, IoT (Internet of Things) – all of these waves of disruption offer new challenges and opportunities for software and technology companies.

In this competitive environment, managing clients and technical project plans with disparate applications is cumbersome at best. Technology business management software allows businesses to track the costs of IT project time and materials, compare estimated to actual costs, manage billing scenarios, including recurring and deferred revenue, and integrate this information with the company’s financial reporting software.

With business management software from Acumatica, software and technology companies can manage their company financials, customer interactions and requests, and estimate material and labor costs using a single application.

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides integrated, full-function order processing, CRM, project management, accounting, and self-service business intelligence (BI) tailored to the needs of the software and technology industries.

Acumatica ERP for Software and Technology Companies